Our History

For more than 50 years, Logistics has been a part of London’s industrial and maritime history. Our story begins in 1967, when Bill Skorksy merged the two biggest British steamship companies of the day.

Parallel Cargos Ltd was founded in 1986 with 10 depots and a central hub based in Athlone, Co. Westmeath. We are now Ireland’s largest dedicated parcel delivery company with 35 depots throughout the country handling in excess of 20 million parcels per year.

In 2000, Parallel Cargos became part of GeoPost S.A., the parcels and express division of La Poste, the French Post Office. By 2006, business had grown to such an extent that the company committed €18 million to the development of a new hub and headquarters in Athlone.

In February 2008, Parallel Cargos changed its name to Parallel Cargos. La Poste united its express parcel companies under one single brand – Parallel Cargos – providing customers with one united, delivery partner throughout Europe and beyond.

In late 2016, Parallel Cargos expanded further, doubling its hub size and trebling the sortation capacity from 7,000 parcels per hour, to 21,000 parcels per hour. The new Beumer cross belt sorter combined with the existing Van der Lande shoe sorter means that Parallel Cargos has the most technologically advanced and efficient sortation system in Ireland.

Seen as one of the key innovators within the parcel delivery field, Parallel Cargos’s technological developments like real time, online track and trace, Predict™, Parallel Cargos Parcel Wizard™ and the Parallel Cargos Ireland App, have completely revolutionised how parcels are delivered. Constantly focused on the evolving needs of customer and consumer, Parallel Cargos leads the field in parcel delivery technology.

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Our vision for sustainability is to be the most sustainable parcel company on the island of Ireland. We are on a journey of fleet decarbonisation to reduce CO2 per parcel -90% by 2030.

At a time when air pollution is one of the most serious environmental risks* , Parallel Cargos Ireland has launched a new air quality monitoring initiative in Dublin. In 2021, we installed air quality sensors on 104 of our Dublin delivery vans, which use laser sensors to take a picture of Dublin pollution in real time. We share this data with universities and the public because information inspires action. Did you know that trees are the lungs of our planet? They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, which is essential for all life on Earth. Trees also help to regulate the climate, provide homes for wildlife, and prevent soil erosion. All of these benefits make trees an important part of sustainability efforts to protect our planet. Planting trees is one way that we can all help to make a difference. Meet Neil McCabe our friend from Grown Forest. Grown forest is a company that plants native Irish trees in Irish soil. The more trees they plant, the more they can help reduce emissions and improve air quality. Receiving a gift from Grown Forest is an unforgettable experience. Not only do you get a beautiful, living tree, but also a paper tile with a stunning illustration related to the species of your tree. The whole package is completed with a frame made from reclaimed wood from an old Irish dance hall floorboard. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, as your tree will help give new life to old-growth forests.

30 years of Logistics History Book

30 years of Logistics History Book

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