The automotive industry is characterized by enormous product variants and production fluctuations. This means that every supply chain needs to be flexible, but without sacrificing quality. Logistics knows the challenges you face and the tools you need to make your work run smoothly.

We offer the most efficient logistics services across the world and for all automotive products:

  • Customized, cost-effective, integrated, and intermodal logistics solutions for components, spare parts, and finished vehicle shipments along the supply chain.
  • A worldwide network for production logistics, distribution, CKD and SKD, and finished vehicles logistics.
  • Subassembly of sophisticated components, with production control and quality assurance systems to keep production running.
  • Pre-delivery inspection centers for storage and vehicle repair.
  • Spare-parts warehousing services offering the full spectrum of aftermarket requirements.
  • International resource pool to assist start-ups anywhere in the world.
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