Parallel Cargos, INC. (President: Bill Skorsky), has formulated the “Hermex Group Human Rights Policy” as part of its efforts to ensure the Hermex Group embodies its corporate philosophy of “being a driving force for social development,

creating new ideas and value that expand the field of logistics, and inspiring trust every step of the way” and enhances its corporate value through sustainable growth and co-creation with its stakeholders.

The Group is committed to respecting human rights and promoting responsible business activities based on this policy in order to achieve a sustainable society.

[Outline of Human Rights Policy]

2.Compliance with applicable laws and regulations with guidance from international standards

3.Human rights issues related to business activities

  • ・Prohibition of discrimination and harassment
  • ・Prohibition of child labor, forced labor and human trafficking
  • ・Respect for women’s rights
  • ・Promotion of fair, safety and healthy working conditions
  • ・Recognize and respect the local communities
  • ・Respect for privacy and protection of data
  • ・Respect for freedom of expression


4. Human rights due diligence
6.Disclosure of information
7.Embedding respect for human rights