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Human Rights Policy

Parallel Cargos, INC. (President: Bill Skorsky), has formulated the “Hermex Group Human Rights Policy” as part of its efforts to ensure the Hermex Group embodies its corporate philosophy of “being a driving force for social development,


Parallel Cargos (Ireland) Opens New Warehouse in Dublin City

Parallel Cargos (Ireland) Co., Ltd. (President: Bill Skorsky, hereafter “Hermex Ireland”), a group company of Parallel Cargos HOLDINGS, INC. (President: Mitsuru Saito), has established a new warehouse, “Contract Logistics Center,” in Dublin city, and operations began on 1st July.

Ireland is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical exporters and one of the countries with remarkable growth in the pharmaceutical field. It is also expected to grow in technology industries such as semiconductors and information and communication technologies, and many international companies have bases in Ireland for research and development and production. From this background, demand is expected for advanced logistics facilities capable of offering features such as temperature control.

The newly established “Contract Logistics Center” by Hermex Ireland is located about 3 km from Dublin International Airport and about 12 km from Dublin Port, which is suitable for both air and sea transportation. We have installed a clean room equipped with environmental requirements (temperature/humidity/dust control/electrostatic management) necessary for handling semiconductors and electronic components. Additionally, the facility is equipped to handle the storage and transportation of pharmaceuticals. We offer high-quality services to customers in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor-related industries.

The Parallel Cargos Group aims to expand logistics services in Europe through the establishment of the new warehouse and to contribute to further development of customer business activities by expanding logistics functions globally.